What Happen to the Google Map we could use to show our catch spot?

Dennis Huskins

My Map does not come on says technical difficulties. Wants to know who is running the site. 

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member created 10 months ago - last updated 4 months ago
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Brian Shea

I had the same problem

Posted by Brian Shea Elite Member 10 months ago - Report Abuse

Joe Pych

Google cut off support to the maps tool that was integrated here.  It will need to be upgraded to their new version before it works again.  Lots of maintenance piling up. Sorry!

Posted by Joe Pych Elite Member 6 months ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

Joe, We were all worried that the whole site was shut down and gone. Pictures and memories lost. I hope you can save the site, and with our help, let it grow.


Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member 6 months ago - Report Abuse

John A Wright

Dennis I'm pretty sure it costs Joe money to operate this site for the users. Joe could open up a way to donate if the site looks like it was in danger of closing. I would also back up the photos if you were looking to keep them

Posted by John A Wright Elite Member 4 months ago - Report Abuse

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