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Dennis Huskins

As some of you have noted, I recently got into Pike fishing. I think it was watching Ken Beam pull them in from the Passaic and Budd Lake that did it. Well I studied the topic and read 3 books on the subject. I got some take-a-way points to share:

1) They are the first freshwater fish to complete the spawn and start eating often before the ice is out.

2) They start off eating every dead fish they can find left over from the winter cold. So ice out and dead bottom bait work very well, often right near shore.

3) They stay in the shallow area till the water temperature hits about 65, and then they go deep along the deeper cooler weed beds.

4) In summer they will be near small springs that feed a Lake or near the flow into a large body of water where a cold brook enters.

5) The biggest pike get the best cold spots staked out and let the food come to them.

6) They are active eaters of the smaller Pike around and have no problems with it.

7) A great lure to use is still the old red devil type spoon, especially with a trailer fish, feathers, or a wiggle worm. Do it slow with wobble,but no flipping it on retrieve. A single hook works better and makes for a much easier release.

8) Get them back in the water as soon as possible and use wet hands protecting their slime coat. If possible hold them verticle in order not to damage the internal organs.

9) Near shore or boat, when bringing them in, leave line as long as your rod out to absorb some of the shock as they make 2-4 last ditch power runs.

10) Although Plugs, suspension lures, spinners, and paddle tail plastics all work. (Flash over dull)Sometimes they only go for live bait. Big bait gets big fish. 


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Dennis Huskins

41 views and not a single comment??

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Dennis Huskins

317 views and not one comment! Come on guys speak up.

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Ken Beam

Hey Doc.......here`s my two-cents........... Very nice thread. Very informative.

However......... (now don`t take it the wrong way as there is constructive & destructive critcism....... my comments are purely constructive)

This is not really a conversation. You`re sharing/giving information......... It`s not written as a Q&A session, nor does it ask any questions. i.e. a good way to engage & start a nice conversation.

While it most certainly is great information, there is no "call-to-action" to engage. In a nutshell, it`s like this.......... " I read what I wanted to know & now I`m done" -


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Dennis Huskins

Ken, I do appreciate your comments on this Pike Information. I guess I would have gotten more comments had I asked questions and sought answers. It is such a rare target catch in NJ that I was excited to learn as much as I could and then share it. Not much of a discussion starter. 

It is amazing, however, that I was just about to add more info and experience to this "Pike assessment". What I posted came from books and articles written by Pike fishermen who live and fish in the north country where they are native. Hear, at Budd Lake, they dont seem to be super active in the shallows at ice out. I have been trying to catch them for 3-4 weeks 2-3 times a week and failed till 4-12-19. I think our Pike here may be shell shocked from the 3-14-19 electro / netting collection and milking of eggs by the Fish & Game people. I also think that the bait fish they seek may not be around till later based on our warmer zone. Ken, would appreciate your thoughts based on your Passaic River experiences. PLEASE, ANYONE ELSE WITH OTHER THOUGHTS OR IDEAS, CHIME IN!!  

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Dennis Huskins

515 views and still only one comment from Ken Beam. Come on guys throw in your comments and/or experiences.

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