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Dennis Huskins

I check out FishBrain for information and who, where, and when fish are caught! They outpost us 25 to 1. I am afraid this site is in a slow downhill spiral and I want it to grow. The only answer I can think of is talking it up whenever I have a conversation with a fisherman. Any help or suggestions appreciated. 

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member created 19 days ago - last updated 8 days ago
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Brian Shea

I tell every fisherman that I talk to about hooked in.

Posted by Brian Shea Elite Member 18 days ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

I also think in this day and age, it should be mentioned in social media. I will push it on Facebook.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member 17 days ago - Report Abuse

Jessica & Angelo

I've talked to a few people over the years that actually joined the site but posted one photo and never returned. I fish less often now but every so often I will bring this site up . Nothing more can be done its up to them to join.

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member 8 days ago - Report Abuse

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