Strategies for Success

Do you want to be the "Big Fish" at Hooked-in? You will improve your standing by amassing points and votes.

Get the most points

You get points by actively partipating in Hooked-in. Here are the ways you will get points:

  1. Post Your Catches -- This is the single most important thing you can do on Hooked-in! You will get +25 points for every catch you post. You should post your old catches to rack up points right away. Every catch makes you eligible for votes. See below on how to get the most votes.
  2. Invite Your Friends -- This will let you to securely share your secret fishing locations with your friends. You will get +5 points for every friend you invite.
  3. Vote for catches -- you can determine which catch reports are the best by voting for your favorites. You get +1 point for every vote you give.
  4. Comment on catches -- the member who posted the catch is looking forward to your comments. You get +2 points for every comment you make on a catch report.

Get the most votes

You get votes when other members like the catches you post and give you their vote. First, this means you should Post Your Catches. Second, you should follow these proven strategies to get the most votes on each of your catch reports:

  1. Post a photo -- other members love to see pictures of the fish you caught. Post a good picture and you will get lots of votes.
  2. Reveal the location -- it's your option whether or not to reveal your catch location to the world. You can keep it private, share only with your friends, or you can tell everybody. Other members love to know where you caught that fish. Reveal your location and you will get lots of votes.
  3. Tell your story -- other members love to read about how you caught that fish. Tell a good story and you will get lots of votes.

These strategies will help you to win at Hooked-in. Good luck!

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