Fish caught by Tide Walker Charters fishing in Florida on 02/24/18

Posted by Tide Walker Charters over 2 years ago

Fish caught by Tide Walker Charters fishing in Florida on 02/24/18
Unknown fish caught by Tide Walker Charters fishing on Saturday February 24, 2018 at 07:57 near Bokeelia in Lee County, Florida (FL), United States North America

February 23, 2018 Tide Walker Charters

We finished out the week with four, half days trips total catch of 365 fish averaging around 90 fish per day. Species include: Mackerel, BIG Speckled Sea trout, Puffer fish, Lizard Fish, Lady fish ( or baby tarpon as I call 'em) and 11 sharks in the 4 to five foot range. Big Fighters. With water temperatures above 78 degrees in the gulf, the sharks are giving birth in the inter-coastal waters again, so we take great care with each one of them. The big Trout are full of eggs too, so this is a good time to practice catch and release to preserve the resource.

The bigger ones look like Fine tooth sharks to me. But there are Big Bonnet head and Sand sharks too. We are still working the grass flat edges where the structure starts to dive from 4.5’/ 5’ to deeper channel waters. Using a 4’ leader under a popping cork, ¼ oz. chartreuse jig on 30 lb. mono leaders baited with a live shrimp.

Jessie from New York, hooked 2 MONSTER PIE PLATE POMPANO on the main channel sandbar. Friday, where we killed it with multiple big Pompano catches. We usually catch and release, but these guys were invited home to dinner by my clients. Try the main channel sandbar east of the intercoastal at marker 54.

Oh wow, from last week; what a sight. Half way across the channel between Useppa and Part Island, I saw a dog swimming like crazy. I thought it may have fallen off someone’s boat. I wheeled around to find a coyote swimming his heart out. It looked like my advance scared him, so I backed off, not to tax the poor thing. Good Luck little guy. Hope you make it.

I saw a few Tarpon rolling in the inter coastal waters this week and I’m getting fired up. Won’t be long now. Call today to reserve your Tarpon Trip. 239 994 7818.

If you aren’t catching 50 to 80 fish per day, try a Tide Walker Charters teaching charter.

Till next tide, Enjoy the Magic of Florida Fishing.


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Fishing heaven

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Fish caught by Tide Walker Charters fishing in Florida on 02/24/18

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