About Hooked-in

This all started in 2007 when I was searching the Internet for fishing websites. I was looking for a good site to share photos and fish stories with other like-minded fishermen. I found a hundreds of fishing websites, but none that delivered the experience I was hoping to find.

As a bona fide software geek, I got the idea that I could build a better fishing website. John Harrington and other friends encouraged me to go for it. The next thing I knew I was neglecting my family and my health working late nights and weekends on this thing. The deeper I got into it, the more ideas I had for improving it: maps, reports for every location and type of fish, points, likes, comments, groups, forums... it became an obsession!

Hooked-in's official "opening day" was on January 18, 2008 at the Yankee Sportsman's Classic over by Lake Champlain in Vermont. Since then, the site has grown significantly in membership, features, and use.

A special thanks goes to those who made Hooked-in possible: United States Geological Survey, Geonames, and the Alexandria Digital Library for helping with location classification. Google for helping with the mapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and Wikipedia for helping with fish classification. Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto for Ruby and David Heinemeier Hansson for Rails. Mike Pych and Mike Losapio for helping to set up the company Hooked-in LLC. Rob Lingle and Brad Taylor at Rails Machine for helping to get the website properly hosted. All friends who gave me help and ideas. Finally and especially my wife, Robin, for tolerating my devotion Hooked-in.

Most of all, I'd like to thank the members who make Hooked-in fun for everyone. You guys rock!

I hope you like Hooked-in. Your ideas and involvement are greatly appreciated!

Joe Pych Sincerely,
Joe Pych
Founder of Hooked-in

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